Leader of the pack dog grooming

Puppy Grooming

Leader of the pack dog grooming

As grooming is vital to a dog’s health, it is important to make sure that their first experience is a good one.

We slowly familiarise puppy with the bath and shower. Then gently shampoo, rinse and introduce them to the warm dryer. Finally we softly brush puppy's coat through, allowing them to get use to the brushing sensation.

This is excellent way of introducing puppy to grooming.

For puppies up to 4 months old we offer a free service.


Half Groom

No cut. Shampoo, Dry and Brush.

This is not an option if your dog has matted hair. You will need to book them in for a full groom as proper time and attention will be needed to remedy the problem.

Prices start from £28

Full Groom

This includes the removal of dead hair, ear cleanse, nail clipping, paw trim, shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and then cut to breed standard. Your dog will be finished off with a luxury fragrance cologne.

Grooming to breed standard is individually priced. The price depends on the type of coat and its condition. Please be aware that there are exceptions to each size and breed.

For an idea of price please see our price list.

Prices start from £34


Leader of the pack high wycombe 

Certain dogs need to be handstripped. Handstripping is the method of removing hair by hand or using a special stripping tool; it is time consuming. Your dog will receive everything in the full groom package except conditioner will not be used.

Price start from £65

Other services

Leader of the pack high wycombe 

Pawdicure - Nail cut, paw trim & paw balm - £12

Nail Clipping - £7

Hair removal around eyes - £7

Hygiene trim - £10